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Skin Tags - Removal

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are common, benign, harmless skin growths that look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin. Skin tags typically occur in characteristic locations including the base of the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds, and under the breasts.

Although skin tags may vary somewhat in appearance, they are usually smooth or slightly wrinkled and irregular, flesh-colored or slightly more brown, and hang from the skin by a small stalk.

Early skin tags may be small pinhead-sized bump around the neck. While most tags typically are small (2-5 mm in diameter), some become as large as a big grape (1 cm in diameter).

How to get rid of Skin Tags?

It is important to keep in mind that skin tags usually do not have to be treated. If you wish to have your skin tags removed because they are bothersome, multiple options are available:

  • Freeze tag with liquid nitrogen
  • Burn tag using electric cautery
  • Remove tag with scalpel, with or without anaesthetic

Usually small tags may be removed very quickly and easily without anaesthesia while larger growths may require some local anaesthesia prior to removal.

There is no evidence that removing tags causes more tags to grow. However, some people may be more prone to developing skin tags and find new skin growths periodically.

Skin Tag Removal Costs

FREE initial consultation, $150-250 per treatment.

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What are Skin Tags? - Removal of Skin Tags How to get rid of Skin Tags?
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